I am regularly asked for recommendations on different things I use, to run my life, my blog, my businesses, and how I stay productive and happy. In this page, I will share tools, resources, and services I personally use that can make your life better, easier, smarter & help you grow.


  • Bluehost – If you want to do anything online, you need to host it somewhere.
  • – If you need something heavier, with more storage, and a faster hosting, you need a VPS. I use them at the moment.
  • GoDaddy – To register domains. To have a website, you need to have a domain. (You may register through or your hosting provider as well).



  • 99Designs – My go to place for most of my design needs.



  • UpWork – Probably the only place you may need for outsourcing for anything you will ever need.
  • – A great site for hiring people in Russia.
  • PeoplePerHour – Another great outsourcing website.



  • Workflowy – Organizes the brain in the best way possible. My secret weapon.
  • LastPass – Don’t remember passwords, and let it auto-fill all passwords you have and be more secure.
  • Dropbox – Store all of your files online.
  • Facebook News Feed Eradicator – Remove all news feed from your Facebook on your PC, to remove distractions.
  • Momentum – A chrome plugin that will keep you on track on your focus.
  • Google Drive – Store all of your documents online, in a shared and accessible way anywhere.
  • Jing – Take screenshots in your computer at seconds and upload them right away and share them.
  • – The email follow up tool I use to stay on top of everything through email.



  • MailChimp – The email provider I use, to send emails to my newsletters. Very user-friendly, and very cheap to start off.
  • AWeber – Another email provider which is very popular. I do not use them at the moment but have used in the past.
  • SumoMe – A tool to help you get more emails from your site, and grow your business. I use them on this blog.


 Managing Teams

  • HubStaff – Time tracking software & payroll solution which I use.
  • Slack – The best tool I know for internal team communication.
  • Asana – Project management tool.